Torah Portion on Va’era / I appeared and teaching on Theology of the Spirit of God in OT part VIII

The first half of today's teach addresses this week's Torah Portion on Va'era / I appeared, which covers Exodus 7:8-8:15 (Torah), Ezekiel 28:25-29:12; 29:21; Isaiah 7:10 -25 (Haftorah), Matthew 12:38-42; Romans 9: 1-29 (Brit), and Psalm 46 (Tehillim).


The second half continues our teaching on the semantic range of the ruach within the Hebrew Canon as discussed in Wilf Hildebrandt's book, "An Old Testament Theology of the Spirit of God." This week, we are focusing on the section covering the Ruach as the Spirit of God, with a specific focus on the Spirit and Creation, Spirit and the People of God, the Spirit and Leadership, and Prophecy and the Spirit.

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